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Little girl mourns the death of her pet chicken

This little girl is so deep in mourning the untimely death of her pet chicken. The poor chicken was attacked and killed by a very bad stray cat.

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samedi 4 février 2017

Penny floor 11 projects and ideas

Penny floor projects and ideas

penny floor

11 best penny floor projects and ideas 

Here's a unique way to remodel your floors? and How To Install Penny floor? Try these ideas on the procedure of installing a Penny floor. These projects for instaling penny floor are surprisingly inexpensive to manufacture; And, they seem absolutely incredible under the lights. The way the cents shine and shine and shine makes this floor expensive and expensive in time, when in fact it is inexpensive and faster to do. This penny flooring is done exactly how it looks like it did. It is a creative and eccentric alternative to a traditional tile or laminate kitchen floor; And, it is sure to be a conversation starter at your next meeting.

Best penny floor projects and ideas for penny floor  Installing a Penny Floor
How to create a superbe design with  Pennies
Have you been thinking of installing a DIY penny floor? If you’re looking to put money into a room you literally can do so by using pennies and epoxy.  I’ll tell and show you exactly how I did it, step by step.

I recently bought a home and have been on a DIY kick.  When I was out with my relator and found “the one”, I looked at the kitchen and instantly decided a penny floor would light up the room.

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How to make a superbe design with $ 150 in Pennies

Superbe design with $ 150 in Pennies

penny floor

Woman Glues $150 In Pennies To Her Ugly Floor To Create A  Stunning Design
penny floor  penny floor installation  how to make a penny floor
she withdrew $150 in pennies from the bank, and began to sort  them into shiny and tarnished piles to create a color-contrasting pattern on the floor.
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She also used plain old Elmer’s glue to lay the pennies, grout, and epoxy for the project.

She started by measuring out the space, and laying a grid to work on.

Then, she started laying pennies by working from the center of the grid outward in a diamond pattern.

In order to finish off the flooring, she coated the whole floor with several layers of shiny epoxy.

The epoxy creates a laminated effect over the surface of the pennies, further cementing them in place, protecting them from wear and tear, and giving the floor a beautiful, shiny finish!

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