jeudi 16 mars 2017

You will not believe what this man did to this cat

You will not believe what this man did to this cat

When you are having a bad day, looking at a cute cat video online will brighter the day right up. Going back home to a furry little buddy is what most people need for relaxing after a long and tough working day. Cats are simply the cutest and the most adorable things you will ever lay eyes on. But are they just there to entertain us? Some people, like the man in this video, have no empathy for defenseless animals who cannot express themselves. You will not believe what this man did to this cat. Click on the video and be prepared to be astonished by the level of immaturity in this grown man. The mere existence of such people makes the world a worse place to live in.

The man in the video may be drunk or dumb but neither of these is a reasonable justification for what he did. And what’s even worse is the laughing noise in the background. It tells you that there is more that one of those idiots living on the planet. The incredible irrationality on his part tells us how we, people, are capable of immense insensibility and recklessness. Not only do people sometimes forget to show kindness, but they give into violent instincts and become ruthless beasts. Who do you recon is the real animal in the video?

Empathy and reasonability is what differentiates humans from other living beings. While people are the most superior creations, every other living thing is not put on earth to be toyed around with. Animals and other creations are just as precious. When we see a helpless animal in pain on the side of the road, let’s at least try to help it out. If we can’t even do that, at least let us feel sympathetic towards the animals instead of acting like the cruel man in the video. How someone can do something this brutal and imbecile is beyond me. Being a human being is not enough, we need to remember to act human.

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