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10 mother's experiences : Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

1- My baby had a bad nappy rash for weeks and we tried all kinds of nappy creams and remedies.we kept her nappy free and dry,etc.The only thing that worked for her was to wash her bottom every day with a cotton wool dipped in lukewarm chamomile tea (I put usually every morning 3-4 preferably organic tea bags in a cup of freshly boiled water),then dry properly with another cotton wool.After I apply a thin layer of nappy cream. Not only we got rid of a bad nappy rash ,even when she was teething her bottom was in a perfect condition.

2- My baby has had a severe diaper rash for the past 4 days now. I've tried every over the counter creme from desitin, a&d, butt paste, etc. Even prescriptions like dermocrem and nystatin didn't work. After being really desperate to find a remedy, I tried % 100 organic extra virgin coconut oil and plain corn startch. I will NEVER use anything else again. When I say this worked wonders, it really did. His rash was healed % 50 within 3 diaper changes (over night). Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties all in one. Way better than putting 3 different cremes with no luck. Plus it smells good and makes my babies skin feel so soft. The corn startch helps keep the oil on babies skin and keeps him dry even after he tinkles. I wish I could tell every mom in the world about this. It's amazing!

2- Here is a home remedy for diaper rash (I dont think simply recommending a store bought medication is a 'home remedy.')

My baby rarely gets diaper rash because I let her play naked most of the time. This is not usually a problem because she uses the bathroom at a particular pattern and I can expect it. But accidents do happen, so I make sure she is on a wipe-able surface like a hard floor or a pad under her.

At the first sign of diaper rash I give her a 10 minute sitz bath with a spoonful of baking soda.

Then I give her new water with a couple spoons of regular plain uncooked oatmeal. You can even use a coffee grinder on the oatmeal if you want, but its not necessary. Just dont use flavored oatmeal or ones with additives.

When I have to put the diaper on her, like if we're going out, I put virgin coconut oil on her, or virgin olive oil if I dont have coconut oil.

How it works:

Coconut oil is a natural anti bacterial and anti fungal agent. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E. Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory. Baking soda is alkaline and neutralizes acid. Sometimes the acids in foods give babies diaper rash. (However, your baby's diaper rash may be caused by an alkaline problem like urine, so if baking soda doesnt help, at first try a sitz bath with a little vinegar instead.)

3- My son who had never had diaper rash before (he's almost15 months old) all of a sudden broke out in this awful diaper rash. We put desitin on it and it kept getting worse. Finally it was bleeding and oozing and we had to find a new approach. We cleaned him with soap and water, let him thoroughly air dry (he loved the being naked part) and put antibiotic ointment on. It started to clear up and then he would have a bowel movement and it would go back to being awful again. I finally figured out that it was his diet doing the damage. He LOVES fruit and had eaten blueberries and raspberries at lunch for a couple of days. They are acidic and that's what was eating him up. Now we will only have a couple of blueberries at a time. Poor little man!

4- Breast milk works the absolute best!!! Give them a bath then blow dry until they are no longer wet then apply breast milk and let it air dry. I did 2-3 layers then applied Lanolin. You want to repeat the breast milk and Lanolin application with very diaper change. My son's rash was so bad you could barely hold him (he was only a week old); it was red, cracked, bleeding, from his genital to inner thighs to his anus. The next day the whole rash was gone!!! It was still a little pink but it was like a magic trick 'now you see it, now you don't'. He has extremely sensitive skin so everything else made it 10x worse. Breast milk is FULL of anti-bodies so it has to be the best all time natural remedy!

6-My son gets horrible rashes if he eats or drinks to much stuff like anything with orange juice or tomato sauce. I had him checked by a doctor to see about food allergies but it was a no. Nothing they prescribed would help his diaper rash. Closest thing was Boudreauxs red tube sold in stores did great. Cleared it up by the next day. Im talking red, raw, bleeding blusters gone by the morning. But then one time of pooping after it heals and it was back. My mom recommend filling the bath tub with water and dumping baking soda in. Let him play for a good little bit and dry him off. Use corn starch like baby powder and pour in his diaper then dust his butt with it. I promise you NOTHING worked such a miracle as this. So i took a empty baby powder container and filled it with corn starch. We put a puff with every diaper change. It works like a dream.

7-I have been a daycare teacher for many years and can share a guarenteed solution to treating diaper rash. My parents ask my secret and here it is:

First of all - diaper rash is mainly caused by a lack of hygene but can also be caused by acid in the diet, prescription medicine, yeast infection, or uti. If my solution doesn't work consider that it can be caused by one of these.

Change diaper at least every two hours. When you do WASH the affected area with soap and water and pat dry. This is essential! Let it air dry a few minutes.

Apply a liberal amount of diaper rash ointment to the area. It's important that it's gel and not cream. The cream kind, like Desitin, burns when applied and your poor baby is hurting enough as it is. I also sprinkle some baby powder for good measure though it isn't neccessary.

Within a day the diaper rash will be much improved.
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8-VINEGAR AND A&D OINTMENT Guaranteed to work!!! My son at age 2 months had severe diaper rash to the point he was actually bleeding. My doctor told me to use vinegar, and I thought he was crazy that it would burn his bottom. But I tried every cream out there and nothing worked but this. Here's what you do: Run a sink full of water, add 2 or 3 capfuls of vinegar (little more for a large sink). Then dip babys bottom in water and splash it up on his bottom. Next lay baby on his tummy and use a blow dryer to dry his bottom (hold dryer far away and careful not to burn his skin). Last step is coat the area with A&D ointment. If you do this about 3 to 4 times a day it will be completely gone by the next day. Also do not use baby wipes! No matter what brand or type these burn and hurt a baby with severe rash. I cut up a receiving blanket and used those as wipes while he had his rash. Another tip...vinegar takes the heat out of a sunburn and you wont peel :) Hope everybody uses this tip to help their little ones because it works wonders

9-Paper towels or cotton balls to fix diaper rash due to diarrhea or other skin irritation (won't work for yeast or staph infection). Avoid using diaper wipes. Use paper towels or a cotton ball soaked in plain water to clean baby's bottom. Apply vaseline to protect skin and voila the rash is gone. (Don't use the other creams because they irritate the skin and make baby feel worse) My daughter had diarrhea for a week and I was able to avoid diaper rash using this method passed down from grandma. When the rash is cleared and diarrhea gone switch back to your regular wipes.

10-I can't believe no one has mentioned my all time favorite diaper rash cure...BREAST MILK!!! It's free, has natural antibodies, and works like a charm.

My first child (I have 4 now) had a horrific diaper rash that would not go away. I tried letting her go diaperless, about 10 over the counter medicines, Maalox, browned flour, cornstarch, and even a couple of prescriptions and nothing worked. One or two may have relieved the symptoms momentarily but the rash always came back.

A friend suggested putting breast milk on it. I did right before bed and the next morning it was a whole new butt back there. It is my go to cure now. It works with pumped, frozen/defrosted and 'fresh out the faucet' milk (although hubby says it's weird to watch me squirt it directly on their butts). Whatever it works! Just pour or squirt it on, let air dry for a minute and put on diaper. Can't hurt to try it.

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