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How to make a superbe design with $ 150 in Pennies

Superbe design with $ 150 in Pennies

penny floor

Woman Glues $150 In Pennies To Her Ugly Floor To Create A  Stunning Design
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she withdrew $150 in pennies from the bank, and began to sort  them into shiny and tarnished piles to create a color-contrasting pattern on the floor.
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She also used plain old Elmer’s glue to lay the pennies, grout, and epoxy for the project.

She started by measuring out the space, and laying a grid to work on.

Then, she started laying pennies by working from the center of the grid outward in a diamond pattern.

In order to finish off the flooring, she coated the whole floor with several layers of shiny epoxy.

The epoxy creates a laminated effect over the surface of the pennies, further cementing them in place, protecting them from wear and tear, and giving the floor a beautiful, shiny finish!

This video for :   How to create a superbe design with $ 150 in Pennies
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